JEC AQUA STAFF aim at environmental Renaissance in the 21st century.

We propose the soil and the water qyuality purification technology of a low-cost,safe, wasy processing to the pollution problem that the soil and the water of allaparts of the world including Japan have been faced.
And we think that we want to contribute to healthy development of the human race and all ecosystems by the technology.
We were not caught in a past pollution processing technology and the method,and achieved low-cost being able the achievement of epoch-making environmental pollution measures business.
We would be happy if you give us your support.


Trade name JWC AQUA STAFF Co.Ltd.
303 Touri 1st Bldg,2-8-5,Okina-cho.Naka-ku,Yokohama-City,Kanagawa 231-0028,Japan
Establishment Research and development in 1993
Company established April,2006
President Tatsutoshi Komatsu
Director Takao Kuwabara
Director adviser Kenji Hotta
(Nihon-University Department of Engineering oceanic architecture engineering professor)
Business purpose
(1) Soil improvement medicine and manufacturing sales of colloidal sediment suring agent
(2) Manufacturing sakes of greening stabilizer
(3) Manufacturing sales of pollution drain purification processing medicine
(4) Construction design and construction enforcement management according to the above-mentioned
(5) Design and manufacturing sales of device according to the above-mentioned
Consignment manufacturing
Hokkaido factory Hokkaido Atsuta-gun Atsuta-mura Bourai
Chiba ishikawa factory Chiba Prefecture ishikawa City
Select line
Customer Govenment office(each prefesture and each cities,town,and villages)
Each construction and general contractor of engineering works trading company
Overseas business parner Vietnam,Thailand,China,Myanmar,and the Philippines
Dealings bank Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Yokohama-cho branch