imageThe earth is an irreplaceable life.
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The approach that puts a natural reproduction in view is becoming inevitable, and the concern to the environmental protection has shown a considerable rise in the development work that is "Ringleader of the envirommental destruction" since the past now.
However, important natural environment's having deteriorated year after year has kept researching and developing it aiming at the improvement and the improvement of "Soil", "Water", and "Green" over many years original of the idea "The earth is an irreplaceable life" who ..fact.. has it...
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Publishing on October 12, 2004
Philipino water quality investigation business


imageJAS CLEAN, SUPAR JAS CLEAN is epochmaking "Supplement to water" that values natural environment.

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imageJAS COAT, SUPAR JAS COAT is epoch-making "Supplement to the soil" that values natural environment.

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