JEC COAT Vegetative Soil Stabilizer
Comparison with conventional

Paper sludge type
Cement, Lime type


Keep neutral level.
iInitial pH is high but it will be neutral level on 7days laterj
EOn the growth of plant, it does not have the interference.
EAfter complete the construction, it is possible to plant
EThere is no alkalinization on effluence water.
Be strong alkaline.
EOn the alkaline area which has high Ph, resist the rowing of plant.
EThe alkaline affection will fit in the water or soil long before, resist the growth of plant such as sod definitely, and extend the damage.
EIt forms that well drained and high water pollution ground because of the improved soil quality will be crumbled structure.
EIn case of coagulated with cement or lime, it will be a ground which is not drained off the water indefinitely because the water pollution is low.
EThe plant will bring on the root rot in the poorly drained underground.
Intensity EPossible to dig up easily as it progress the granulation and equalization, can reuse as mound soil, familiarize itself with around soil with time, rid oneself of the artful coagulation mode and transfigure to natural ground
EAfter reformed the ground, the heavy-equipment can run on it.
EThe improved ground that was trodden down by running of heavy-equipment will be ground strength like a concrete.
EOn cement type, the heavy-equipment can not run on it after complete the construction.