JEC COAT Vegetative Soil Stabilizer
Characteristics of JEC COAT


Selection of soil texture polluted sludge

This soil stabilizer is immune to organic substance.
It takes a measure to prevent the obstruction in order to expedite the crystallization reaction of ETTRINGITE and CSH. Accordingly, the soil granulation is expedited fully on mineral and also organic.

pH control feature

This soil stabilizer has a feature as pH controller too in terms of using as harden reaction auxiliary agent. Thus it can keep neutral level after treatment. We can say excellent soil improver from an environmental conservation.

Deodorization effect Seal in of a toxic substance

The conventional soil stabilizer was helpless for the reek of sludge because of it is a reaction to evaporate or take in the moist by chemical reaction. On the contrary, generate a stink. This soil stabilizer absorbs these moisture to porous face in the ingredients. The reek is decreased with harden reaction because of the surface is coat by ETTRINGITE and CSH. It will be odorless on the end of harden reaction. Equally, it can protect the re-elution of a toxic substance such as heavy metals to confine to inside of ingredient.

Cost Reduction

This soil stabilizer can manage the soil volume as twice as previous one even if the object is an organic or inorganic matter, the convey amount considered.
It can be a sharp reduction in cost if the object is organic soil because of it can manage still more several times of soil volume. The dredge soil is called upon to carry out quickly. But it can manage quicker than hydrate reaction of cement which is related to middle period strength because of the reaction speed of ETTRINGITE is related to initial strength.
Moreover, it is reflected to carrying cost as the light specific gravity impact on carrying weight.

Suitable amount to add

In case of ground reform construction, a standard dosage of soil stabilizer is about 3~5% for soil weight in advantage. But in case of high organic matter with the hydrous rate is more than 150%, the dosage will be about 10%.
* Carriable hydrous rate is less than 85%.

Increase and decrease of the volume

On a beaker test, the few volume increased for 20% dosage. It can think to absorbed to porous surface in the ingredients.